Air Luggage

Published On March 17, 2013

Logic based puzzle game for PC Windows featuring music by Chelnov and Mattashi


Created in January in the ‘One game a month’ challenge


, Air Luggage is a game where the player must solve puzzles by delivering the correct luggage to each departure gate. To do this the player has to program a series of logic gates to change the flow and order of the incoming bags.



Game Design, Art & Programming
Jack ‘Icepick66’ Dye


After hearing about the #1GAM challenge I set myself with the goal of actually completing a game I started. I decided a puzzle game would be nice and easy to complete within a month, forking off an idea I came across during a previously project, that focuses on directing the flow of objects. Being a programmer the concept of logic gates made sense to control flow.

I spent a few days stripping the ‘fat’ from the base idea and came up with the 4 gates we see in the game today. Despite spending nearly every night in January as a sole developer the game just missed the mark of a Feb 1


Release and this project looked like it was doomed to the ‘nearly done’ bin. However, despite all odds here is V1.0.

In a few days I’ll write up the journey from start to finish of my first full game. I’d like to give a big thanks to Chelnov and Mattashi from for kindly letting me use their songs and for some of the sound effects in the game.



XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0



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